Do you charge a sitting fee?

Yes, the image studio charges a sitting fee of £30.00 (weekdays) or £50 on Saturdays. This covers the setting up of the studio, time up to one hour, and includes a £70 credit towards your first purchase.

What sort of clothes should we wear on the day?

It is really up to you and depends on what sort of photographs you would like. If you want a casual, relaxed look, easy-to-wear clothes such as jeans or plain trousers worn with a simple shirt work well. For a touch of glamour, strappy clothes look good.

For children, bright colours add a fun feel. Why not bring a few outfits along and perhaps a favourite toy? If anybody has any special interests – football, karate, ballet, music – you could always bring along the kit or instrument.

Perhaps you have a special national dress – the intense colours of saris can look fantastic. If you need any advice, please give us a call and we can discuss it with you.

When do we have to pay for the sitting and pictures?

The sitting fee is payable at the time of booking. The payment for orders is taken when the order is placed.

If we have a large group, are there more sitting fees if we want individual pictures?

No, unless the sitting starts to extend way beyond the hour, then an additional £10 is charged.

How long will you take over the pictures?

The session will usually take about 45 minutes to one hour.

How many pictures do you take at an average portrait sitting?

There is no set limit to the amount of pictures taken. You cannot fix the amount of pictures to take because you never know what is going to happen on the day – we just keep taking them until we are happy that all combinations are covered.

I have young children. What happens if they just don’t want to cooperate on the day?

Children usually settle down quite quickly and really enjoy the session, but if it’s ‘one of those days’ and the child really doesn’t want to know, we understand and will organise a reshoot another time.

What happens if someone is not well on the day, will we lose our sitting fee?

No – just give us a call as soon as you realise you will be unable to keep the appointment and we will reschedule it for another time.

Do you have various backgrounds at the studio?

The studio is mainly white but we do use other backgrounds. We also have more opulent backgrounds and fabrics as well.

I prefer black and white photographs. Do you shoot in black & white?

We shoot digitally in colour and can convert any photograph to black and white, or sepia.

Which type of camera system do you use?

We are fully digital. The flexibility of the digital system allows us to really show our creative flair for fantastic pictures.

When can we see our pictures?

We will usually try to arrange the viewing within 5 days of the sitting. We have a special viewing room at our studios where we digitally project your images onto a screen.

How much retouching is used on the pictures?

There is just enough retouching on the pictures to look at tone, colour and general appearance. There may be options to look at reducing blemishes or lines, and to replace a person’s smile in one picture with a smile from another.

Can other people see the pictures after the viewing date?

Yes, anybody can arrange to see the pictures as long as an appointment is made.

Can we have different frames for our pictures?

We have a selection of frames at the studio and all of our frames are handmade. We can supply triple print frames, single print frames, and we can print on to canvas and perspex. In fact, we can do almost anything you require to make your picture stand out on the wall.

Is there any extra charge for editing?

Only if there are specific areas that you would like changed, or specific instructions, like the addition of text etc.

How long do you keep the images?

We keep them for as long as we are in business. Whilst the copyright and property of the photographs remains with the studio you will always have access to the images.

Can we view our pictures on your website?

Pictures can be placed on our website to view; however, there is a charge of £50 which is only refundable against orders over £150.

Once we have selected our photographs, how long does it take before we get them?

Your photographs will be ready in approximately 4 weeks. However, if they are needed urgently, perhaps for a present or a special occasion, this can usually be arranged.

Do you only take pictures in the studio?

No, we can take photographs anywhere. We charge a location fee of £75 (which includes a £70 credit voucher towards your first purchase) and we will come out to a destination and take some terrific photographs. Perhaps you have a nice garden, or want some photographs taken of the family at autumn time in the woods. If you want to get out but haven’t got anywhere in mind, give us a call and we can suggest some locations.

Is there a car park?

Yes, we have a car park on site just inside the gate, please park there and walk down the drive, we are in the white building at the end of the drive.